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Anti-Vandalism - Anti-Trespassing - Anti-Litter - Be Respectful!

Monroe Paranormal is a firm believer in and we've made it our goal to be an anti-vandalism, anti-trespassing and anti-litter group. Monroe Paranormal has never condoned vandalism, trespassing or littering, and we will not participate in any investigation, hunt or event where such activities are present. We firmly believe that permission should be given before entering any area to investigate, if required, even if it means waiting awhile to get permission. If permission can not be obtained, no investigation, hunt or event should take place, PERIOD! These types of activities give ghost hunters a bad name, and we want no part of it!

Just remember to be respectful, not of just the living, but also the not so living!

Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints!

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