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Ghost Hunting on the Cheap

I'm not going to lie and say you won't spend much in this hobby, because I'm sure we've all seen Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi Channel or Paranormal State on A&E. We all know they spent a pretty penny for the equipment they have, but don't let that discourage you from giving it a shot either! The fact is, you can start out doing local investigations on the cheap!

To get started, you really only need an audio recorder and/or camera. Digital cameras are the best bet, no film to develop, much easier to take many pictures, but a regular flash camera will work too. Some lower cost digital camera's take good pictures, and low cost audio recorders are all over Ebay! So if you don't have the stuff to get started, finding it isn't all that expensive.

I started out with an audio recorder I had for a few years. It's an RCA RP 5012B digital recorder. I bought 2 of these a few years back, and rarely used them. I now use it quite often, with great success! I have it set for conference mode, to make the mic more sensitive and HQ or high quality mode to cut down on noise. This limits the amount of record time, but the quality is much better, very little background noise.

Since my digital camera was an old Sony Mavica, which took floppies, 640x480 resolution it wasn't of much use at night. The flash worked great, just a few feet in front of me, anything beyond that was just simply black. So I went along to learn the ropes! People were great, very helpful and always happy to answer questions I had. I used my audio recorder to see if I found any EVP's and never looked back.

We've now got a new digital camera, and we're slowly buying stuff we need or want as we can afford it. People are very understanding that we're new, and don't have the equipment, and in some cases even allowed us to use theirs. So, just because you don't have much money, or you don't have much equipment, don't give up on ghost hunting! Join a club, if not this one join another local club. Ask questions, see what others say they use and ideas on low cost options to get you started. You're bound to find something that fits your budget, and gets you out investigating the paranormal too!

Some tips: Use points! My wife and I just ordered $150 in stuff which cost me next to nothing. I simply cashed my points I'd earned online at various sites, and through my bank! This enabled me to get gift cards through Amazon, and a Visa gift card that's able to be used online.

Some sites and info: There are many sites out there to gain points for whatever reason, but I'm going to list the ones I know of and/or use myself. Some of these sites do offer referrals, but some don't. Some referrals gain both points, either for one or both parties, some don't. If you want any information on these sites, how to join or a referral, contact Tim R.

National City - National City offers points for every purchase you making using your Visa Debit card. These are Visa reward points, so I'm sure other banks and visa credit card companies offer them as well. Generally you get 2 points per dollar spent, some months are 4 points per dollar spent. Since I pay my bills online, and use my card instead of cash for anything I can, this adds up fast! I used my points for a $100 gift card from Amazon.

MyPoints - is a site that gives you 5 points for viewing an e-mail, and clicking the link to go to the site. If you make purchases online, chances are they're affiliated with My Points as well. In addition to the 5 points for viewing it, you get points for purchases you make through affiliates as well. They also have surveys you can take, which offer more points. The points add up fast, and only take seconds to view the site! I used mine for a $25 gift card for Amazon. My points does offer referrals as well, so be sure to refer your friends as well!

MySurvey - If you don't mind doing surveys that take a few minutes from time to time, join My Survey! Most of them take only a few minutes, and you can redeem them for cash, sweepstakes, charity or general merchandise through their site. I used them this time for $20. Each 1000 points is $10, I had enough for $20. They also give points for referrals, so be sure to refer your friends!

MyCokeRewards - If you drink Coke, save your caps! There's a code under the cap, enter it online and each cap is worth 3 points, 12 packs and cases worth more. If you don't drink Coke, maybe you know someone who does? I used my points here for a $25 online visa. They do not offer referrals, just sign up.

Your 2 Cents - Your 2 Cents is a survey site, which from time to time will send a survey you can take. If you qualify for the actual survey, after answering some test questions, you'll be paid for the survey. Generally the payment is $1-5 per survey you qualify for. If not you're entered in the $5000 sweepstakes. I don't think they have referrals, I think you just sign up if you're interested. I did just redeem $5 I had to test this site, we'll see how it goes. It's still pending.

Pine Cone Research - Pine Cone Research is another survey site, and the best one in my opinion! Unlike the others that give points, or pay you if you qualify, the survey you are sent will pay you $5 per survey. While you won't receive surveys everyday, you will get a few from time to time. They send you the cash via Paypal (there are other options) so when you make your purchase, it's there. Should you need the cash, just transfer it from Paypal to your account. This site is great! They do not however allow you to just join, and don't always offer referrals They do from time to time offer friends of members to join, so if interested let Tim know and he'll refer you when they do!

Some Notes on paid, points or survey sites - Keep in mind not all sites are the same, many are just simply scams to get you to buy products. Be careful, do some research before joining any site! As friends, relative or others online for their opinion. In cases like this, Google is your friend! I simply listed the sites I know are reputable. For more info, contact Tim R!

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