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Monroe Paranormal

Welcome to Monroe Paranormal!

Website is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul, please be patient while we finish it.


Welcome to Monroe Paranormal. This group and website was created by a group of friends with an interest in ghost hunting, andPassing on! the paranormal.  The idea is to get together, whenever possible, to do a hunt and just have fun.  While many of us participate with and are members of other groups, this gives us the local link to be able to communicate with each other for local hunts, in addition to the hunts with others we may go on.

If you would like us to investigate your house, property or business, contact us! We are polite, professional, discreet, experienced, honest and caring, and best of all its Free! There is never a charge, and all info will be kept confidential between Monroe Paranormal and you, the client.


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